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Hello everyone my name is Divine a growing christian just like you ☺️….The bible talks about rebuking the spirit of fear .

Have you ever got scared about a challenge or what the future holds or you just have this fear in every area… Trust me I’ve had fears and at times I look at myself and ask myself what is even my purpose, I’m i even doing anything right…

What if ! What if? Oh shame on the devil! Glory be the name of the lord who saved my soul and reminded me that the plans he has for me are plans to prosper me so why should I fear?……. Whenever I hear the devil trying to remind me of how little I am .. I talk back saying this word in the’s says I’M CONFIDENT BECAUSE I’M IN MY FATHER’S HANDS … I CANNOT FAIL… Hallelujah 🔥

What a wonderful and beautiful thing it is living for Christ.. 😌

WHAT DO WE SAY TO FEAR!!! A a child of God expect fear from the devil… He will will come whenever a situation is drowning you he might set it in as anxiety whenever you’ve come close to winning. The devil makes us feel we are a failure because he is a total failure… He knows he is not loved so he makes us feel unloved…. He knows he is a disappointment so he makes us feel like we are s disappointment.. BUT NO!!

The devil doesn’t define you.. God created you so he is the only one who holds the plans to your life … He is the only one who should remind you of who you are .. while dear is a common human experience, the scriptures promises in PSALM 23 VERSE 4:.YEA I WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE SHADOWS OF DEATH I WILL FEAR NO EVIL FOR THOU ART WITH ME… THY ROD AND THY STAFF THEY COMFORT ME.. God walks with the “faithful” at all times and has heartened us to overcome our fears … This is where our relationship with God sets in .. He said he walks with “THE FAITHFUL”… Hallelujah………. God cannot forsake his own. PSALM 34:4_5:. I SOUGHT THE LORD AND HE ANSWERED ME AND DELIVERED ME FROM ALL MY FEARS .. THOSE WHO LOOK TO HIM ARE RADIANT, AND THEIR FACE SHALL NEVER BE ASHAMED.. As a child of God we should always rebuke the spirit of fear.. It is meant for the devil alone .. He fears his loss as soon as you are in Christ that’s why he will always find a way to bring you down so you will think about turning away from the lord… Let’s be reminded that the God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of sound mind. (2timothy 1vs 7)

The only one we should fear right now is our God .. Not fear by running away but fear of him Lossing the love he has for us .. Fear of the lord bringeth with it blessings and benefits.. I pray that the Lord will uplift everyone of us and remove the spirit of fear in us that we may continue to be glad and rejoice…… Hallelujah 🔥✝️🙏

God bless you all❤️💡


6 responses to “WHAT DO WE SAY TO FEAR? 🤔”

  1. This certainly provides plenty of food for thought

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  2. True,true…
    Also ,Satan feels rejected… so he wants us also to be rejected by God…
    But what he forgets is that he doesn’t have the same grace of repentance as we do.
    When ever fear comes into your heart ,make sure you call your self to other and keep moving in Christ, cause he love us an he’ll never forsake us

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    1. Yes… God never forsake s his own 🤗thank you for this also


  3. Yeah we should fear only our God not the devil. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God bless us.

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