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Hello everyone my name is Divine, a growing christian just like you.. I know we are familiar with the word “THANKSGIVING”.It is an act of giving thanks or an acknowledgement of benefits or favours to a person but most especially to God . Biblically it’s a way of expressing thanks to God..

Tho thanksgiving might vary in meanings to people…. Some people or families express thanksgiving as a day where families come together and eat dinner or watch sport but here we’re going to talk about what the bible really says about Thanksgiving. 🤗. Throughout Gods word we see example after examples of the essential role thankfulness plays in the christian life.. It says in the scripture that no matter the circumstance, giving thanks shouldn’t be limited, Not even a single day of giving thanks should be exempted .. It’s an act of glorifying God and it helps us focus out gaze on his goodness and love over our life …


And also in the book of 1st Thessalonians chapter 5, we are told to take some time and reflect on the ways God has blessed our days .. There are a lot of things to be thankful for , when you wake up feeling like a disappointment, do thank God because he woke you up … You are awake that’s why you realized that… There is an opportunity for you already to know what the problem is .

You wake up with little food on the table ,bless God for that day he gave you and the little it could bring…. My beloved brethrens I want you to know that no matter the situation you are in, some people have it be thankful in every situation.

I know you wanna ask “WHAT ABOUT THE BAD DAYS”…… Yeah I know giving thanks in bad situations can be hard , we are human beings, but trust me if you are in Christ and you know about the love of God for you, in that point you will be thankful that there is no situation bigger than our God😃😃. Hallelujah 🔥🙌

Then you begin to declare upon such situations…. There is no Situation bigger than our God . He is bigger than our problems. There is always a reason to be thankful. If this is a challenge you and you feel like there are days where you have no reasons to be thankful, I want to you to wake up and look at your self in the mirror then start checking out what is going on in the world today………… Then the “WHAT IF ” Question pops up😃….

WHAT IF I DIDN’T WAKE UP. WHAT IF IM IN COMA. WHAT IF I WOKE UP SICK. WHAT IF I DIDN’T COME BACK HOME LAST NIGHT????????????????? QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! But fear not people of God … God has not given us the spirit of fear, we don’t need to fear when we have God ❤️we are surrounded by his love . That’s why he woke you and I up this morning , it is a sign that we have a purpose to fulfill , but let’s not forget we need Christ in our life’s to fulfill our purpose in life . Blessed be the name of the lord, he is worthy of our Thanksgiving no matter the situation or circumstances…. There are a million reasons a day to give thanks to God.

God bless you all 🙏❤️✝️…


6 responses to “GIVING THANKS 😊🙏”

  1. Thanks be to God ❤️
    For his loving kindness and tender mercy❤️❤️

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    1. Hallelujah… We are loved by God more than we can ever imagine ❤️


      1. Gods keeps me going every day

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  2. There are millions reason a day to give thanks to GOD. Good and bad time shall not seize in our time but God is always whom we run to at all sundry. Let give him thanks 🙏🙏 always.

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    1. Thanks ma’am ❤️.. he is worthy of our Thanksgiving… He created both bad days and good days.. we will be able to overcome as a child of God


  3. I love this♥️♥️..God bless you

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