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Hello everyone, my name is divine , a growing christian just like you 🤗,I was listening to a podcast and the sermon was about the ability to desire, so I picked out some points and read more about it in the scriptures and here I am sharing it with you guys😀❤️….. Okay so as a human being, religion aside , we all have desires, because the flesh will surely want

God created the ability to desire but we are responsible for what we desire😌….. We know God created good and evil but it’s still our responsibility to choose , he will not choose for us ….

Okay so according to the word of God, when you desire God and his word the desire for worldly things will not be in you … I’m not saying temptation won’t come but you will overcome because the spirit of God is in you.. hallelujah 🔥🔥

When we read the book of ROMANS 1vs 18-32{it talks about the wrath of God against mankind}. And it also talks about the dislike of God and what he says about ungodliness and unrighteousness. When you do not focus on God , he will leave you or give you up for your desires…

At times we feel like we are praying against a particular sin like immoral activity, addiction, masturbation and so on…. and we feel like God is not helping because we go back to that same sin again , what is your desire as a Christian.?.. Do you desire God or you still desire lust and temporary pleasure… Please know that desires doesn’t even actually mean engaging in the act, but it is a want for something even if you don’t necessarily partake or have it….

When we read the word of God , it’s says:. And even as they didn’t live to retain God in Thier knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do these things which are not convenient {ROMANS 1vs 28}. The question is what is your desire?.. The desire of the flesh is know to the devil and he makes us practice this inconvenient things then you feel bad and ashamed after doing them….DO YOU DESIRE GOD OR YOU DESIRE SIN THAT MAKES YOU INCONVENIENT AFTERWARDS.?

I was glad I got to read this bible passage and understand more about our desires as a Christian because while struggling as a Christian and dealing with sin, the key to it has been our desires all along😀………….What is your desire, do you desire God or are you still caught up in worldly desires?

Check yourself.🤗🙃. God bless you 🙏✝️❤️

2 responses to “YOUR DESIRE AS A CHRISTIAN 🌚🙃”

  1. Hummmm…!!
    Help us lord to desire you 🙏

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