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Hello everyone, my name is Divine 🙂,a growing christian just like you. So this past few months as a born again Christian has been exiting and blessed, but there is always a part most christians don’t talk about or let me say they forget to touch which is the “HARD PART” before coming to Christ.

My life was not straight until I met God . He showed me light and how beautiful it would look in my life , and he also told me the only way that light would shine in me is when I accept him to be my personal lord and savior, believing he died for my sins and yours too.

But before this beautiful story there was a “ME”…. The point here is how I felt whenever I was being called to Christ love. How I was so disappointed and ashamed that I had failed God and he is so angry at me and that I know he won’t even look at me if I called for help.. Most christians fail to tell this part to people who need to hear this….. My beloved brethrens please know today that out God is love ❤️and he sent his only begotten son to die on the cross for us so that we will be saved and we won’t perish because of our sins… No matter how filthy you are with sin… Our God is just there waiting with open arms… as if he knew you would come …

Is there anyone who would love us so much like this ……. All you need to do is let him in 🥺… If you’re struggling with a situation like this please do not be ashamed to request help for Gód. Do not feel he won’t come through for you because of a sin he can’t even remember.. He is a loving father, He See’s through all that filthiness and he believes and knows that there is still a better you…

He died for our sins because we were worth it . You’re so precious in the sight of God. He see’s more that a smoker, or a drunkard …. Mention.. that’s all the world will see you for but God See’s you differently… God is no man… He sees you for what you’re worth… There is no sin the blood of Jesus can’t wash away. He will make you white as snow and he will give you a new name an a new song to sing. This is also a call for repentance, you should confess your sins and repent. This includes working towards building a relationship with God. God literally wants to spend time with us … If you are going through a phase in life and that has drawn you away from the sight of God please know that Jesus the son of God has lived amongst us before he has feel such pain before he understands how you feel… This is just comforting for me …… He knows my pain , he can fix me …. Do not let any of these get in the way of your relationship with God.

God is our father therefore, we have full access to him. Just imagine the look on God’s face when he see’s you returning to him whole heartedly . Heaven rejoices over one sinner who repents that ninety-nine(99) righteous people who need no repentance.. Imagine God being that happy . His love for us is beyond measure, he doesn’t want us to suffer pain or afflictions…… He wants us to give it all to him , I mean that shame , that grief , that depression, that anxiety, lay them down before him… Let him fix you🥺🙏.

We’ve been saved by the death of our lord Jesus Christ the son of God. He died so we won’t perish alongside with our sins, we only need to receive that forgiveness by confessing our sins and repentance, that is change of ways and heart …..

I hope this message touches your soul .. please remember that only Jesus can fill that void or empty space in your heart. Any other thing won’t give you that peace you’ve ever wanted…. There is peace in Jesus Christ ❤️💡… God loves you, do not be ashamed to request help from God… He can fix you, don’t let the devil tell you otherwise

God bless you ✝️🙏💡……..


  1. This is beautiful 🥺

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    1. We bless God my love ❤️

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  2. Nice write up, God will continue to bless you and give you inspiration

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