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Hello my name is divine a growing Christian like you☺️.Failing is like one of the characteristics our God doesn’t posses .He is not man .I got the inspiration to write about this when I listened to one of my favorite songs “FIRM FOUNDATION ” by maverick city.We don’t need to come to a conclusion,it’s just a fact

God won’t fail and he has never failed. Remember God and his words are one .I’m the beginning was the word ,and the word was with God and the word was God ”(john1:1) Thus to say God never fails means his word’s never fail. The heaven and the earth shall pass away but his words remains the same forever.🤗❤️

Joshua21:45-:NOT ONE WORD OF ALL THE GOOD PROMISES THAT THE LORD HAS MADE TO THE HOISE OF ISRAEL HAS FAILED .ALL CAME TO PASS. Gods word is a seed (luke8:11) once it is planted it will grow and develop into the fruit the lord intends it to become (2corinthians1:20) All the promises of God find their yes in him.

It might feel as if God has failed us at times and a lot of times in life where grief has stricken ,famine in the family,afflictions,or you feeling alone and destitute . We feel like God has forsaken us or God is dealing with us bitterly or he is not answering or prayers . …….please let’s know that the lord might want to use a difficult season as a stepping stone in our spiritual growth. …In trying times let us know and believe that God knows what is best for us and trust in his promises.(2 Samuel 7:28) and (psalm 33:4) talks more about how faithful God is .

When you feel faithless,when you believe the God has left you ,take refuge in the pages of the bible .Gods word has stood the test of time .It has been refined in fire,it is pure,flawless,enduring, eternal and true .let it be your shield .let it be your source of protection (proverbs 30:5).

God was committed to Joshua and the people of Israel.He made this same promise to us as well. Have you uttered your Amen to God for his glory?!!!!!! Don’t give up hope ,face each day confidently with the awareness that the victorious God is on your side .Gods promises are true,know with all assurance that God never fails .The promise of his word is love ,love for me and you❤️❤️❤️

God bless you all❤️🤗🙏


One response to “HE WONT FAIL🤝☺️🔥”

  1. God never fail
    I repeat God never fail
    Luke 11:11-13 says a lot about how God cares and ready to do anything for us …
    He would never change his words no matter what,the only thing that can happen is when our sins wave our blessings away or cause a deceleration in speed of our blessings
    God love us and he is ready to do anything, i repeat anything for those he love.
    Don’t forget he gave his life for us,the one who gave his life can give all for us… he’d never fail and he won’t start now !!!

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